Private charges

Private charges from 10 August 2016

For health needs which fall outside the NHS remit, certain services provided by your doctor carry a fee, for example:
Private sickness certificates, Private medical claim forms, eg BUPA, PPP
HGV/PSV and fitness to drive medicals, Solicitor Report
Medical for Employment/Pre-employment/Insurance and Sports

A full list with the fees, which are within the BMA recommended guidelines, is shown below. Some of these are quite time-consuming and may require a special appointment.


Private Sick Note £15.00
Private Prescription per item (including travel vaccinations) £15.00
Signed note for holiday travel re medication on flights etc £30.00
Countersign forms for fitness: flying, travel, attend gym and hobbies £30.00
Headed letter for fitness to travel/employment and other matters £30.00 minimum
Holiday cancellation certificate £30.00
Private Patient consultations (non-UK residents) Up to 15
mins £45.00
DNA Mouth Swabs and Paperwork £30.00
Mouth swabs for Child Support Agency – claims with kit £27.50 x1 & £38.50 x2
Sub fertility and paternity testing (nurses appointment) plus additional charge made direct from the Hospital £30 (plus additional hospital charge)
Power of attorney signing – must include appointment with patient £50.00
Private Blood Samples – £20 – plus additional charge made direct from the Hospital £20.00 (plus additional hospital charge)
Adoption & fostering (30 minute appointment if exam required) Set and paid for by local Authority
HGV; PSV; LGV, D4 Form (including medical 30 minutes) £110.00
Hackney £70.00
Ofsted – for childminders £87.50
Private Legal Reports
Life Assurance  £110.00
Life Assurance targeted or supplementary  £30.00 minimum
Accidents, litigation, General Practice Opinion Up to 15
mins £50.00
Private report only Minimum £100.00
Private report & examination Minimum £140.00
Examination of Private Records £35.00 minimum
Extract from records, including occupational health reports £65.50 + p&p
Hepatitis B vaccination £35.00
ACWY vaccination £85.00
Copies of paperwork from computer (results/letters/immunisation record) £5 single sheet
£10 total for more than one
Copies of Records/Brief Summary/Reports £10-£50
Access to Records Free if accessed with 40 days. £10 thereafter.
Private Weight (appointment with Nurse) £10-£20
Road Traffic Accident £21.30
Mid Sussex Bus Pass no charge
Please note that we can currently only accept payment by cash or cheque.

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