Nurse-led clinics

To see one of the nurses, make an appointment by contacting the receptionist. Nurses carry out the following clinical tasks


Every autumn the practice offers flu injections to patients at risk. If you are over 65, diabetic, suffer with asthma, chronic chest complaints or congestive heart failure, or you are pregnant, you probably need a flu vaccination this year.  Children aged 2-4 years are also eligible and are given a nasal vaccine. Please contact the reception team to book your appointment.

Foreign Travel

For advice on the full range of travel immunisations you may wish to speak to one of the Practice Nurses. Please plan ahead and arrange to attend three months ahead of travelling. A list of current charges is available.

Cervical Smears

We carry out regular smears for women between the ages of 25 and 65. These should be carried out every 3 years for those under the age of 49 and every 5 years for those between ages of 50-65. There is an automatic recall system in place.


Anyone who cares for someone on a regular or interim basis can access our carer support service for information, signposting or emotional support. Give your information to the reception team and our link worker, Laura King, will contact you.

You can book for
Blood Tests
Ear Syringing-use this guide to ensure your ears are prepared for the procedure
Menopause advice
Blood Pressure Checks
Child Immunisations
Dietary Advice
Pre-Conception Advice and Family Planning
Tetanus, Influenza and Pneumonia Vaccinations
Anti-smoking clinic

Special clinics

We also offer:
Coronary Heart Disease/high blood pressure
Asthma management
Diabetes management
Anti-coagulation monitoring